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Best FingerBoard Reviews in 2020 | A New Way To Have Fun

With the rise in popularity of skateboarding, the young generation has also found another way to enjoy the same adrenaline rush without going outside – by fingerboarding.

Instead of the feet, your fingers control the fingerboard and do all the tricks and flips that you can do with a skateboard.

The various parts like the trucks, wheels, the main deck, and others are put together in the same way as a skateboard. But the width of the deck varies and every player chooses one according to their finger size and comfort.

There are a lot of brands available but to get your fingers on the best fingerboard, you need to know what factors make it the right one for you.

Without further ado, give this post a thorough read so that you know what to look for and can make an informed decision.

What Is FingerBoarding?

What Is FingerBoarding

Fingerboarding is using miniature skateboards to do the same tricks one does on a real skateboard, the only difference being it’s done with fingers.

Typically, the middle and index fingers are used to “ride” the fingerboard. Fingerboarding allows you to bring the fun of the game from outside to your desktop.

Fingerboarding can be played as an amateur but you can also participate in championships. It’s a way of staying competitive and having fun even when you’re within the confines of your home.

With miniature obstacles like stairs, boxes, ramps, rails, pipes and others, fingerboarding is as exciting and adventurous as the original sport.

Top 12 Best Fingerboard in 2020

1. Tech Deck Sk8Shop Bonus Pack – Best Overall

If you’re passionate about fingerboarding, you’re likely to want not just one but a few fingerboards to get the most from this sport.

Well, you won’t be disappointed with this pack of not one, but six fingerboards from Tech Deck!

Each fingerboard is 96 millimeters in length and features original graphics from the most renowned skateboard companies in the world.

These brands include Primitive, Blind, Finesse, Sk8mafia, Toy Machine, Baker, Plan B, and Santa Cruz. The structure is also made from actual skateboard manufacturers.

The most interesting part is that you need to build these fingerboards by assembling all the parts.

To get the 6 customized fingerboards, all the tools, wheels, and stickers are included in the pack to help you make your dream board.

The element of surprise and excitement doesn’t end here! Inside the Sk8shop bonus pack, you can look for and find golden trucks lurking somewhere!

Keep buying the many versions of this bonus pack and you never know what surprise you’re going to get in each.

You can do flips, turns, and other tricks on these fingerboards just like you’d do on a skateboard. For tips and tricks, check out so that you can add to the repertoire of your feat!

Suitable for kids six years and above, this bonus pack makes the perfect gift for occasions. As you don’t need batteries to run these, it makes for a hassle-free toy.

As there are small parts that can pose a choking hazard, this is not recommended for children under 3 years old.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pack of 6 customizable Tech Decks.
  • Features original graphics from renowned brands.
  • Surprise accessories included inside.
  • Suitable for children 6 years and above.
  • Tools, wheels, stickers included.

2. P-REP Starter Complete Wooden Fingerboard

Just like the real skateboards, this fingerboard is made from wood to give you all the thrills and feels!

Assembling this piece together is as much fun as riding it with your fingers. The board is 30 millimeters wide and 100 millimeters long, giving you more control over the deck.

The trucks are a width of 29 millimeters and these come with hard yellow tuning to ensure these connect the deck and the wheels properly.

Along with the wooden deck, the tuning makes the toy sturdy and long-lasting, guaranteed to give you many days of playful adventures.

The deck is covered with a foam griptape to give your movements more grip and better control. Smooth moves and rolls are ensured with the bearings inside the wheels.

With the Broken Knuckle stickers and tools included, you can follow the simple instruction guide to assemble the unit.

The high-performance fingerboard is for all levels of fingerboarders from amateurs to professionals.

You can get your fix of skateboarding without going out as this fingerboard will enable you to get the same pop! It’s also a great way of relieving stress and taking a break from endless hours of work.

Seasoned players have praised the right concave of the deck as it helps them to do all the desired flips and ollies perfectly. Just make sure the screws are tight enough to hold the trucks to the deck properly.

With the sticker of your choice on, you will have great fun riding this fingerboard on the floor, kitchen counter, coffee table, or just about any flat surface.

Highlighted Features:

  • Wooden fingerboard that’s 30-mm wide and 100-mm long.
  • Hard yellow trucks with a 29-mm width.
  • Foam grip tape and bearings in the wheels for more control and grip.
  • Broken Knuckle stickers for customization.
  • Perfect deck concave for performing all tricks.

3. TIME4DEALS Mini Fingerboards – Best Value

If you or your kids are restless and it’s not always possible to go out skateboarding, then these pack of 4 fun fingerboards is just the thing for hours of entertainment. If you’re looking for cheap fingerboards, then this set is for you.

Made from good quality plastic that promises durability, these matte-finish fingerboards are as close as you can get to real skateboards.

With fun graphics that have a variety of artworks, these make the perfect gift for kids and adults alike. The package includes a screwdriver to ensure you have the nuts screwed in properly.

The deck concave is deep and the nose and tail kicks are high so that you can do the ollies and flips like a pro! Moreover, the 4 wheels with ball-bearings ensure a smooth roll.

This is especially great for kids as it helps them to develop motor skills, finger coordination, and at the same time trigger their creativity and love for adventurous games.

The convenient size of the fingerboard – 1.6-inch width and 4 inches long – makes it easy to be carried around everywhere so that you’ll never be bored.

Just slide it in your pocket and you’re set for some real indoor adventures anywhere, anytime!

These fingerboards can change any party from boring to bombastic! You can include these in goody bags for kids and they would always thank you for it!

With a weight of only 170 grams, this is the light and fun gift any kid and adult enthusiast would appreciate.

You may want to check the graphics before presenting to young kids as there may be images of skulls.

Highlighted Features:

  • Set of 4 professional quality fingerboards.
  • Fun graphics with a variety of artworks.
  • 1.6-inch width and 4 inches long with deep deck concave for tricks.
  • Easily portable at only 170 grams weight.
  • High-quality plastic and matte finish that lasts long.

4. HEHALI Finger Skateboards – Best For Kids Party

Get ready to show all your flips and tricks in the indoor arena with this amazing set of 18 fingerboards!

Both kids and adults will love this package with 6 matte and 12 smooth fingerboards with random colors and the most vivid and cool graphics that one can own.

You get more value for money as there are 18 fingerboards in this set with great detailing in the artwork.

This can be the ideal gift on different occasions for kids. Put these in goody bags and your kids’ friends will never forget you!

HEHALI is arguably the best fingerboard as it is made from top-quality plastic. Thus, they are durable and don’t get scratched easily. Kids will learn to be creative and will also develop motor and coordination skills.

The decks have a grip tape to ensure your fingers have a good hold on the deck and can do all the tricks smoothly. The trucks and wheels are also of good quality and ideal for beginners and young kids.

You can also collect these or display them on the shelves besides playing with these toys. Whenever you need to let your brain rest and take a break from work, there’s nothing like having your fingers riding these boards!

You can add more fun to fingerboarding if you can improvise obstacles like ramps, stairs, and railings.

Each of the fingerboards has a length of 4 inches so that they can accommodate the fingers of kids and adults comfortably. These are light and can be carried around in the pocket easily.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pack of 18 fingerboards with 6 matte and 12 smooth varieties.
  • Detailed graphics and vivid colors for funfilled fingerboarding.
  • High-quality plastic structure for durability.
  • 4-inches length of deck for easy gliding on the deck./li>
  • Grip tape for good control over the board.

5. Hometall Professional Mini Fingerboards

Finding an appropriate gift for 1 to 3 years old children is always a challenge as many toys have choking hazards. But this fingerboard is larger than the rest, making it the right gift for very young kids.

This is a set of 4 matte fingerboards that are of dimensions 5.5 inches length, 1.7 inches width, and a height of 1.2 inches.

The colorful graphics and random designs are sure to cheer up anyone, any time of the day!

Owing to the large size of the decks and the longer length than the usual fingerboard, it provides an excellent platform for training very young kids and beginners on the art and sport of fingerboarding.

It also develops motor and coordination skills as well as triggers inherent creativity.

The sandpaper-like grip tape on the deck provides smooth control over the board. While the width also contributes toward learning flips and ollies quickly.

With the hard plastic red wheels, the fingerboards can move smoothly. The whole structure is made from good quality plastic. So that no matter how rough-handling these fingerboards are subject to, they last for a long time.

The trucks, screws, and bushings are also made from top-quality plastic to make sure these toys are durable.

Run them on the coffee table, floor, stairs, kitchen counter, and any other smooth surface for the ultimate indoor fun.

With the tool included in the package, you can change the wheels to put on decks with different graphics for a change.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pack of 4 matte fingerboards suitable for young children.
  • Dimensions of 5.5 inches length, 1.7 inches width, and 1.2 inches in height.
  • Ideal for kids 1 to 3 years and older and for beginners.
  • Hard plastic body and parts for durability.
  • Colorful graphics and random designs.

6. BISOZER Mini Finger Skateboard

If you’re looking for the real deal, then look no further as this board is the dream of every fingerboarder!

This light brown wonder is made from 5 layers of genuine maple wood and carefully designed with a deep deck concave and high tail and nose kicks so that every trick you perform is an exceptionally smooth one.

Owing to its wood structure, you will get the same feel as in a skateboard.

The wheels come in random colors and they have ball-bearings inside to ensure the board glides easily and contributes to your high-performance antics.

With the included tool in the package, you can easily adjust the trucks. These trucks come with adjustable silicone rubber straps to give you the highest degree of customization.

You will take only a few minutes to assemble this piece so that you can be on your way to flips and ollies real soon!

The fingerboard has a length of 95 millimeters and a width of 27 millimeters. Its neat and superior craftsmanship makes it the envy of any enthusiast or beginner.

You can have a firm grip with your finger and great control, thanks to the foam grip tape that gives greater fiction for an inimitable experience.

Suitable for children aged 6 years and above, it’s also a coveted possession among seasoned boarders.

The wooden structure ensures durability. This is a great toy for kids to develop an interest in the sport and also makes a wonderful gift item.

A sure way to have hours of entertainment, this fingerboard is the perfect way to spend long days indoors without getting bored.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from 5 layers of genuine maple wood for durability.
  • High tail, nose kicks and a deep deck concave for superior performance.
  • Smooth movement with wheels that have ball-bearings.
  • 95 millimeters long and 27 millimeters wide for optimum operation.
  • Foam grip tape for more friction and control.

7. Mini Fingerboards Santa Cruz and Creature Skateboards

When mixing and matching is the name of the game, then nothing compares to this pack!

Consisting of Santa Cruz and Creature series, this Tech Deck pack of 4 is a limited edition series that any fingerboard collector or enthusiast would want to own.

It’s unique in many ways. Unlike other packs, this contains 8 trucks so that each fingerboard has its own set of trucks instead of having to share with others.

With the screws and bolts included in the package, assembling these fingerboards is easy. The tool included also makes it less time-consuming.

With 4 different wheel colors, you can go to a great extent when it comes to customization. Plus, the graphics on the boards are vivid and cool, adding extra fun to the sport of fingerboarding.

Suitable for children aged 6 years and older, this pack won’t fail to entertain adults as well. You can do all the flips, ollies, and other tricks on these fingerboards the same way you’d perform on a skateboard.

Made from hard plastic, the trucks, wheels, and tuning are durable and won’t get scratched easily.

The screws and bolts are stored in separate sections in the package, therefore, there is no chance of spilling and losing them when you open the package.

A good quality grip tape on the deck makes it easy for your fingers to ride on the board and have good control over it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pack of 4 fingerboards from Santa Cruz and Creature series.
  • 8 trucks for individual fingerboards.
  • Wheels of 4 different colors.
  • Screws and bolts included in separate sections of the package.
  • Suitable for ages 6 years and above.

8. Oruuum Professional Finger Skateboard

When you want to share your love for fingerboarding with others, this pack of 24 fingerboards is just what you need!

You won’t get tired of these fingerboards as each comes with cool patterns and graphics on both sides of the deck, a feature not usually found on other brands.

With hard plastic material that has been used to make the structure, the fingerboards are definitely not flimsy and will last for a long time. These are perfect for slipping into goody bags, as gifts on different occasions.

The length of each fingerboard is 3.8 inches and has a width of 0.8 inches. These dimensions fit most finger sizes comfortably so you can flip, ollie, and do other tricks with the board easily.

It’s the perfect toy to give you a break when you’ve been studying or working for long hours. In addition, kids can develop creativity, coordination, and motor skills as well as a healthy interest in the sport.

The trucks connect the wheels and the deck properly so that nothing comes loose when your fingers are riding the board. The wheels are made from good quality plastic and are durable.

There’s no assembly required, hence you can start playing with these fingerboards as soon as you have the package in your hands.

Weighing only 10 grams, these are easy to be put into a pocket and carried around to relieve you from boredom anytime, anywhere.

Suitable for both children and adults, this pack of 24 colorful fingerboards won’t stop entertaining you!

Highlighted Features:

  • Pack of 24 colorful fingerboards.
  • No assembly required.
  • Made from good quality plastic for lasting long.
  • Dimension of 3.8 inches length and 0.8 inches width.
  • Suitable for kids and adults.

9. Rock Deck Professional Finger Skateboard Kits

Not satisfied with getting only the fingerboards? Well, here’s a package for you that includes a fingerboard along with cool accessories!

This fingerboard has been crafted specially with 5 layers of genuine maple wood so that you can get years of fingertainment without getting the board tired and damaged.

The dimensions are 3.74 inches length X 1.06 inches width X0.87 inches height.

The pad on the deck is extra-thick, non-toxic, and non-slip to enable you to reach the peak of your performance with flips, twists, ollies, and all sorts of tricks that your fingers can do.

The hard plastic wheels are durable and with full closed bearing wheels, you are guaranteed of rolling smoothly on stairs, tables, counters, railings, ramps, and any flat surface. The wheels come in random colors of light blue or red.

The icing on the cake is the mini fingerboard sneakers that come in random colors of white, red, denim blue, or light blue. This pair of shoes turns the sport from plain to plain fun!

A screwdriver along with screws, bolts, trucks, wheels, and non-slip mat are included in the package and you will have the most exciting time assembling these into your brand new fingerboard.

Just remember not to put any of these parts in your mouth while assembling as these pose choking hazards.

This fingerboard is suitable for both adults and children and can be given as a gift on different occasions as it’s sure to bring fun and hours of busy fingers.

Well-known for developing finger coordination and motor skills, it also provides a welcome relief from stress and extended work hours.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fingerboard made from 5 layers of real maple wood for durability.
  • Non-slip, non-toxic, extra-thick deck pad for smooth operation.
  • 3.74 inches length X 1.06 inches width X 0.87 inches height.
  • Mini fingerboard sneakers included for added fun.
  • Tools for assembling included in the package.

10. NOAHWOOD X Fingerbird PRO Fingerboards

Got that fingerboard competition coming and wondering which fingerboard to bet on? This could be it!

This product is an example of fine craftsmanship. It looks smooth and ready to do all the tricks your fingers will command it to do.

Handcrafted with 6 layers of Sichuan bamboo, it has a length of 100 millimeters and width of 33 millimeters. It has been polished by hand to achieve a smooth sheen.

Designed by professional fingerboarders, this piece has a Pro Shallow Concave that will enable pros to perform perfect ollies, 360-degree flips, and many more tricks.

The Fingerbird wheels are fitted with fully closed ball bearings for smooth rolling. These ball bearings are stainless steel and hence resistant to rust and corrosion to be durable.

The wheels are slippery and strong so that they can withstand the contest situation with ease.

The PRO LOCK nuts are designed for professionals so that they never come off the wheels while you’re in the middle of a fingerboard event.

Designed for top-level moves, the nuts and wheels will give you a superb experience without scratching your fingers.

The board comes without graphics. Its plain and reflective surface is designed for those who take fingerboarding seriously.

The package includes a small cross taper for safety reasons. A pair of PRO trucks of width 34 millimeters are included.

This is the perfect fingerboard for seasoned users and professionals as it can’t be beaten on craftsmanship, design, materials, size, and attention to detail.

Highlighted Features:

  • Handmade with 6 plies of Sichuan bamboo.
  • Polished by hand for a smooth finish.
  • Suitable for professionals to perform on a low-concave deck.
  • 100 millimeters length and 33 millimeters width.
  • High-quality wheels, trucks, and nuts to ensure no part falls off.

11. Teak Tuning Prolific Complete Fingerboard

This product takes the sport of fingerboarding to the next level with its state-of-the-art design and high-quality components.

It’s a Cloud Nine edition from the manufacturer and features a PROlific burl deck. Each part of the fingerboard has been made with materials that ensure the fingerboard is durable, smooth-rolling, and helps you to perform at your peak.

The gold spacer trucks are of 32 millimeters width and come with o-ring tuning. The wheels are made from clear polyurethane and include bearings for a smooth and hassle-free ride.

Included in the package are 4 normal and 4 stainless steel nuts, the latter with nylon inserts.

Also, you will find high-quality tape for covering the deck, 4 spacers, a mini filing board, one set of clear bubble bushings that are handmade, and one tool.

To help you assemble this fingerboard, detailed instructions are included. As there are small parts included in the package, this product is not meant for very young children under the age of 3 years.

With the stainless steel lock nuts, you can be sure the wheels won’t come off from the deck while you’re playing. The foam grip tape for the deck ensures your fingers are comfortably on the board with good control.

This fingerboard would be a prized possession for both amateurs and seasoned players. Besides getting sheer fun, you can use it to take a break from studies and work and air out your brain.

It’s great for fostering creativity and developing a good sense of finger coordination.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cloud Nine edition with PROlific burl deck.
  • 32-millimeters wide gold spacer trucks.
  • Clear polyurethane wheels with bearings for rolling smoothly.
  • Stainless steel and ordinary lock nuts included.
  • Special foam grip tape for good control.

12. HAPTIME Professional Wooden Finger Skateboard

Here’s the perfect excuse to cultivate your interest in fingerboarding as this product has been designed to help you learn the latest tricks!

Made from 5 layers of maple wood, the deck of this piece is wider than other fingerboards to help you perform more difficult tricks. The width is 1.1inches while the length is 3.7 inches and the height is 0.62 inches.

The deck is covered with a grip tape that has an extra thickness and is non-slip as well. It gives you great comfort and control.

Even though the touch of the grip tape does not have the sandpaper feel to it, it gives better friction, allowing you to get a better grip without hurting the fingers.

The hard plastic wheels are durable and come equipped with closed bearings to enable your fingers to get a smooth ride without losing control.

The bracket or trucks are made from an alloy metal to make it sturdy and withstand rough handling. With rubber around the bracket, you can get more elasticity to help you perform tricky moves.

Inside the package, you will find a toolbox, anti-slip PU pad, metal bracket, maple wood deck, screws, a screwdriver, and wheels and bearings.

Detailed, step-by-step instructions are enclosed to help you with a seamless assembly of the fingerboard.

Suitable for all aged 3 years and above, this can be the ideal gift on all occasions as it helps to develop finger coordination and motor skills in the young and helps to release stress and boredom for the adults.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durability guaranteed with 5 layers of maple wood deck.
  • Width 1.1 inches, length 3.7 inches, and height 0.62 inches.
  • Super-thick, non-slip deck pad for a comfortable grip.
  • Sturdy wheels with closed bearings for smooth rolling.
  • Alloy metal bracket with rubber for performing difficult tricks.

Things To Consider Before Buying Fingerboard

cheap fingerboard

There are some factors like material, size, and others that you need to look out to ultimately find the best fingerboard for you. Read on to know which facets to pay close attention to before you make your purchase.

Deck Width

The width of the main part or deck of the fingerboard is the first factor to be considered. With fingers that vary in size, the deck width will fit as per the finger size.

With a slim width, you can do tricks like flips more easily. A wider deck gives you more control over the board. Try out a few sizes before you settle for the one that’s right for you.

The width of the deck varies between 25 and 34 millimeters while the length is 10 centimeters.

Deck Concave

The concave of the deck refers to the roundness and steepness of the deck from the center to the edges.

This concave could be either high or low and according to personal preference, you should choose the concave type as it determines how much control you have over the board.


Griptape is the layer that goes on top of the deck to give your finger the grip needed for moving and controlling. It helps you to flip the fingerboard the way you want it to.

The griptape can be either gritty or soft. The gritty type of tape resembles sandpaper of a real skateboard. The soft type is about a millimeter thick and it offers a better grip. It’s also more comfortable.


Trucks are the mountings on the underside of the deck to hold this and the wheels together.

Before you buy a fingerboard, make sure the trucks fit the width of the deck properly and are not too slim but the axels should be in line with the deck edge.


Wheels can be either hard and smooth or soft with more grip. It’s the wheels that make the deck roll smoothly or not.

Wheels made from hard plastic and without bearings do not move smoothly. So, if you want a smooth roll, opt for wheels that have bearings inside them.


The nose and the tail of the fingerboard are referred to as kicks – the two ends of the deck. The nose kick is usually longer by a bit than the tail.

How steep these kicks are as well as their height determines how much board control and pop you can have.

Best Fingerboard Brands On The Market

Fingerboard Brands

If you want to perform well on a fingerboard, check out the following brands that have made a name for themselves in the fingerboard space.

Tech Deck

Tech Deck started manufacturing fingerboards in the 1990s. These fingerboards were made to work and look like skateboards.

What sets this company apart from other fingerboard manufacturers is that they got the license to print skateboard graphics from renowned brands.

The transformation from a hobby to a lifestyle product owes much to this company that has numerous series of fingerboards.

Peoples Republic

This company started in 2010 by creating fingerboards using some old veneer. One thing led to another and soon, they were on the way to fulfilling their aim of top-notch and unique fingerboards. They kept coming up with improved molds and decks.

Not only do they make fingerboards, but the company also creates ramps and other elements for a complete fingerboarding setup.

Teak Tuning

This companycame into being in 2014 and its headquarters are located in Rochester, New York. Most of their products show a great degree of craftsmanship as these are handmade or assembled by hand.

They work toward a simple goal of making high quality and affordable fingerboards available to all enthusiasts and hobbyists.

A wide range and complementary products and accessories are their specialties.


This is a German company that specializes in 100% handmade fingerboards. They use original Canadian maple wood or oak to make superior fingerboards.

Only the top-quality clear varnishes are used on their fingerboards to give an exceptional finish.

It is a family business with the aim to make only the finest fingerboards for the connoisseurs of this sport.


A new brand in the market, Hehali is the manufacturer of toys, games, decorative items, arts, crafts, sewing, and limited home and kitchen products.

The company keeps a special eye on making quality products that have been designed by professionals. The company believes in using eco-friendly materials and they strive to keep their factories safe and healthy.

Tech Deck Vs. Fingerboard

Originally, fingerboards were made from wood, toy train axles, and tubes in the 1980s. After about a decade, the brand – Tech Deck – began to improveupon the original fingerboard by getting the license and printing actual graphics on the fingerboards.

Below are some differences between Tech Deck and Fingerboard-

1. Deck Material

Tech Decks have a plastic deck, plastic wheels mounted on metal trucks, and griptape on the deck. Whereas, fingerboards are made from wood.

Sometimes these can be longer than Tech Decks by a few millimeters but mostly, the standard length of both is 100 millimeters.

2. Grip Tape Type

Another difference is that Tech Decks feature a gritty, sandpaper-like griptape. On the other hand, fingerboards sport a soft and more comfortable type of griptape on the deck.

3. Components

The components of the trucks under the fingerboard is different from those of Tech Decks. The trucks consist of the hanger that rests on the bottom part or baseplate. There’s a kingpin on the baseplate to hold the two parts together.

To even out the gaps, bushings are used. These bushings are small and hard plastic discs in Tech Decks. Fingerboards, however, use washers and rubber bushings instead.

The wheels on Tech Decks are made from hard plastic and don’t roll smoothly. Besides, they don’t have bearings inside the wheels. Fingerboards feature wheels with bearings to make the movement smooth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

fingerboard faqs

1. What’s The Benefit Of Fingerboarding?

Answer: When you can’t go out for skateboarding due to a broken limb or the weather or because of safety precautions due to a pandemic, you can still get the same taste of skateboarding indoors with the help of fingerboards.

You can have the whole setup including ramps, rails, stairs, and other obstacles to bring the sport of skateboarding on a smaller scale through fingerboarding.

2. Why Do Fingerboarders Sand The Deck?

Answer: Some fingerboarders want to customize what they buy by sanding the deck.

This process can reshape the deck and make it lightweight, thereby making it easier to do flips and other tricks as well as get a smoother roll. 

3. Which Is The Best Material For Fingerboards?

Answer: Wood is a better material than plastic for fingerboards. However, for beginners, plastic fingerboards are good enough to learn the tricks and flips.

You can get these fingerboards that are made from hard plastic that will last for a while.

Once you move from the beginner stage, you can opt for a wooden fingerboard that should give you all the feel of a miniature skateboard.

4. What’s A Basic Move That Can Help With Future Fingerboarding?

Answer: You can try a basic move like putting your fingerboard on a flat surface, placing your fingers on the deck, and pushing your middle finger on the tail kick so that the front wheels are in the air.

Now you can turn your fingers in the direction you want the board to turn.

5. What Should I Do When The Trucks Are Falling Off?

Answer: If you see the trucks are coming off, chances are the screws are not tight enough. The trucks should be tightly attached to the deck and the screws would be sticking out a bit.

Check with a piece of paper if it fits between the trucks and the deck. If it does, then the screws are not secured tightly.

Final Word

As going outside might not always be an option, you can look for ways of getting entertainment and breaks from work at home.

Fingerboarding is one such pastime that might even turn into a passion. You can do the same tricks with a fingerboard as on a real skateboard.

The development of fingerboards in terms of quality materials, structure, and designer graphics have turned this into a serious activity for some, while still retaining its adventurous streak.

If you want the best fingerboard, all you need to do is be aware of your finger size and how well the parts of a fingerboard have been made to enable you to perform well.

Try out a few sizes and brands to know which fits your fingers well so that your fingers can get a smooth ride.

Here’s to many hours of happy fingerboarding!

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