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“Man, you need to take some rest and visit some peaceful places for once. Your aim is all over the place lately.”

“I know, right?! But it’s strange. Maybe I need to change the sights after all.”

“If you do, then make sure to buy the best night sights for Springfield XDM. I’ve heard they are making some great pieces these days.”

That’s it; you cannot rest until you lay your hands on the sights, install them, and brag about your spot-on aims once again. Now, do yourself a favor and go through this article real quick. What’s in it? A shortlist of awesome night sights your comrade just talked about – that’s what.

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  • Material: Rubber
  • Tritium: Yes
  • Compatibility: XD, XDM, XD MOD 2
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  • Notch Style: “U” Notch Rear
  • Tritium: Yes
  • Compatibility: XD, XD MOD 2, XDS, XDM (Excluding 5.25″ Competition Series)
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  • Notch Style: Square Notch Rear
  • Tritium: Yes
  • Compatibility: XD, XD MOD 2, XDS, XDM (Excluding 5.25″ Competition Series)
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  • Notch Style: Square Notch Rear
  • Tritium: Yes
  • Compatibility: XD, XDS, XDM (Excluding 5.25″ Competition Series)
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  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Notch Style: V Notch Rear
  • Compatibility: XD, XDS, XDM, XDS MOD 2, XDE
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What Are Night Sights?

Night sights are additional parts of pistols you buy when the original sights give up working. While the factory sights come with white dots, the night sights will offer you various colors to choose from. For low light conditions, you need a good pair of night sights.

How Do Night Sights Work?

Tritium makes the phosphor glow by way of decaying itself. Thus, you get wonderful visibility in the dark. You will find the glow more noticeable during the night than in the daytime. And there will be no need for a battery. On the other hand, fiber optics work with the help of other lights.

Our 7 Best Night Sights for Springfield XDM Reviews

The features we were looking for were present in a few night sights. But, their little number didn’t make it easy to find them. After looking deep into the market, the gems did shine and caught our attention, though.

1. Trijicon HD XR Night Sight Set

If high visibility is something you need badly, check out the best night sights for XDM on our list. This HD night sights unit comes with a tritium phosphor-filled glass lamp to provide illumination no matter how bad the lighting conditions. What’s more, it offers you an extra-large field of view, thanks to the thinness of the front post. This set is usually used by military and law enforcement services.

Moreover, this bright tough night sights will present you with quick target identification as well as engagement at a very long distance. And when it comes to the evenness of light distribution, the sapphire window will play an outstanding role. On top of that, it will be the added layer you want for the protection of your device.

The design of this HD XR model is also praiseworthy with the photoluminescent painted front and black rear. Thus, you are up for any urgent call of duty.

Now, the tritium vials might be too small and dim for some. The front and rear sight do not glow at times. Also, installing the front sight can be difficult.

Highlighted Features:

  • HD sights with tritium gas phosphor-filled glass lamp for illumination in the dark
  • The field of view is very large with the thin front post
  • Quick engagement and target identification from a long distance
  • Outstandingly even light distribution, thanks to the sapphire jewel
  • Excellent design with the photoluminescent painted front sight

2. TRUGLO Tritium Pro Handgun Night Sights

This item is all about the focus-lock ring; this feature will offer you the fastest sight picture without compromising on accuracy. You can also count on the speed of focusing on its front sight.

What’s also lovely is the transition of the sights that make it second to the best night sights for Springfield XDM.

During the daylight visibility tritium will provide white dots, while at night, these dots will turn green. And you are having this along with the durability and brightness. Moreover, the way its rear sight is angled is brilliant. You will know its value when the need for one-handed slide operation arrives.

Another worth mentioning thing is the ability it shows to glow without a battery or light source. Thus, you can enjoy the visibility in the darkest of conditions. Now, the width of the front sight may not be the same as the OEM sight of your Springfield XD subcompact. Also, it might not be compatible with an XD 4.0.

Highlighted Features:

  • A focus-long ring for fast sight picture along with accuracy
  • The front sight offers great speed of focusing
  • Provides brightness as well as durability
  • The transition of the sights is impressive
  • Perfect for one handed slide manipulation
  • Glows without needing a light source or battery

3. TruGlo TFX XD Mod 2 Handgun Sight

We are about to review a product with intense durability and protection. Thanks to the capsule design, you will enjoy using a long-lasting device. What’s also cool is that there’s a fortress finish introduced to enhance the protection. So, be it oils or chemicals, our tool will maintain its glory.

Swiss tritium is known to deliver excellent results, especially when it comes with a concealed fiber. The target will have no idea that you are bringing about its demise. And the snag-resistant design will make sure that it fits every holster.

Moreover, there’s a focus-lock ring for a fast focus. Thus, this unit is among the best XDM sights. The sights will glow alright, no matter how dark it is. And the visibility should impress you too.

However, the dots might be small for some in the dark. And the outline may not be the most efficient. Also, the fiber optic rod can be cloudy at times. And it might not suit an XD subcompact and XDM OSP well.

Highlighted Features:

  • The capsule design makes the device durable and well-protected
  • Enhanced protection with the fortress finish
  • A concealed fiber takes the Swiss tritium’s excellence to another level
  • The snag-resistant design eliminates the worry about its fitting the holster
  • Great glow with perfect visibility

4. TRUGLO TFO Tritium and Fiber-Optic Sights

Here we are about to talk about one of the most robust units. Thanks to the CNC-machined steel, you will find it durable. And the fortress finish will enhance the protection significantly. You will be pleased to know that it performs magic in the dark to provide you with the desired glow.

What’s also impressive is the snag-resistant design of this unit. This is so that there’s no problem in fitting the standard holsters. And the concealed fiber is something to appreciate, too, especially when you are eager to remain invisible to your target.

I also like the color variation of the fibers. It’s good to have the rear sight yellow when you are looking for contrast, not to mention the aid provided to the front sight. Now, note that the factory sights of the XD and XDM can be impossible to remove at times. Even a gunsmith finds it challenging.

As for drawbacks, the vials may pick the light up from the top only. Also, the brightness can be too ordinary for some. And after you’ve enjoyed about 3000 rounds of firing, the front sight might give up. Moreover, the sight may be a bit high for XD (M) 10mm 4.5”.

Highlighted Features:

  • The use of CNC-machined steel makes the unit strong
  • Significant enhancement of the protection, thanks to the fortress finish
  • The snag-resisting design makes fitting the holsters a breeze
  • Outstanding performance in the dark to offer the needed glow
  • The fibers come in two different colors to provide a good contrast

5. XS Express Night Sight Set

When it comes to design brilliance, the next product with 2 big dot will impress you. With the natural centering of the front sight, you will get the precise alignment you need. What’s also awesome is the straight-line sight it comes with for quick acquisition of the front sight.

The build is great with the U.S. Steel. On top of that, the material is CNC-machined to offer you an added durability. Moreover, a Glock install tool, thread locker, and Allen key are included in the package for easy installation. What’s more, the photoluminescent glow dot comes in orange and green.

While the bright dot will quicken the front sight acquisition, the photoluminescent property will glow in the dark. Now, it may not be the best option for trifocals. And the metal finish can be upsetting for some. Also, the rear sightline can be a bit tiny. And the glow in the dark might not be great.

Highlighted Features:

  • For the precision of alignment, the front sight is nicely centered
  • To have a fast front sight acquisition, there’s a straight-line sight
  • The use of U.S. steel construction makes the unit extremely robust
  • Accessories are included so that the installation is a breeze
  • Quick sight acquisition and desired glow in the dark with the bright dot

6. AmeriGlo Hackathorn Sight Set for Springfield XD

Check out this product that comes with a lovely tritium gas filled lamp. It’s green this time to offer you a perfect glow. So, even in extremely dark conditions, proper visibility shouldn’t be a thing to get worked up about. Also, such a lamp should serve the purpose right during the daytime.

What’s more, this pistol sights set will impress you with the orange outline front it comes with. It will enhance the dot for you when it’s dark out there. Moreover, the serration introduced on the rear sight is interesting. Be it the acquisition of the front sight or the provision of the glow in the dark; the design will help.

Its front sight will give a fast and easy target acquisition, thanks to the brightness it comes with. And easy identification of the target is the main reason behind using such a tool.

Highlighted Features:

  • The tritium lamp has a lovely green color for sharp visibility
  • During the day, the target acquisition is satisfactory
  • An orange outline front to enhance the dot
  • A serration on the rear sight for assuring performance
  • With the desired brightness, the identification of the target gets easy

7. Meprolight Springfield Tru-Dot night sights

We are about to wrap up our reviews with these amazing Springfield XDM night sights. Yes, if you are looking for fast target focusing, front sight acquisition, and large dot, then this is it.

Also, it won’t let you down with the glow. When it’s dark out there and the target feisty in nature, you want something solid at your side like this unit.

Once you’ve removed the original sights and installed these, you will feel the difference immediately. The feelings will sound a bit like – “That dot is massive or what!” Also, when it comes to glowing in the dark, there won’t be many rivals to this. Yes, the night sights will be something to cherish.

However, things would’ve been greater if the front sight wasn’t a bit thin for some.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fast target focusing, thanks to the design brilliance
  • Front sight acquisition will be perfect and easy
  • The dot is significantly larger than others
  • Perfect glow with the brilliant sights
  • In terms of night sighting, there are a few units to rival this

Night Sights for Springfield XDM Buying Guide

Even with the reviews, the buying decision can be tough to make. That’s why we deemed it necessary to include a buyer’s guide that will make you a smart purchaser. Let’s go through the important factors quickly that will make the deal sweet.

Tritium or Fiber Optic

Before you go for the purchase, you need to learn the basics about the two most popular types of night sights. For enjoying daylight visibility tritium sights may fail to offer good experience such as fiber optic night sights . Also, fiber optic will save some money for you. And the functionality will be great with it.

However, we are talking about night sights; so, the glow in the dark is more of a preference over here. And this is where tritium triumphs with almost no competition in place. Also, it’s far more durable than the other. So, if it was me, I would go for the tritium.


The device needs to be compatible with your pistol – it’s no nuclear science. But we find it necessary to mention since we’ve already come across a few upset buyers because of this very issue. Their pistols didn’t get along with the sights they bought.

Now, it’s good to know that the sights out there are becoming very versatile nowadays in terms of compatibility. So, finding a sight that will suit your several pistols shouldn’t be a big deal.

The Durability of the Material & Paint

Durability is always essential. And when it comes to your pistol and its parts, you cannot compromise. Most of the sights out there will serve for years with no problem.

Just make sure that the material is steel or something similar to it so that it holds on for a long. The top quality night sights for Springfield XDM cannot be made of flimsy materials.

Tritium Night Sights vs. Fiber Optic Sights

We’ve talked about this topic briefly in our buying guide. But, a slightly elaborated discussion should shed a brighter light.


Due to the particular type of construction it comes with, the tritium is more durable than the other.


Yes, awesome glow in the dark is something the tritium is known for. The fiber optic won’t stand a chance here.

The Brightness of the Color

Finally, the fiber optic has something to boast about. Yes, you will be dazzled with a bright color.


The fiber optic will be easily interchangeable. And the tritium sights can’t challenge it in this aspect.

Chemical Resistance

The tritium offers better protection, hence more satisfactory chemical resistance.


You can guess it. Yes, the fiber optic is cheaper. But, tritium sights will make every penny worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long do night sights last?

Usually, after about a decade of dedicated service, the sights will ask for their retirement. Yes, a good pair of night sights service life is minimum 12 years.

2. Why night sights are useful?

The benefit is so huge. Firstly, you can identify and engage the target fast. Secondly, the visibility will be remarkably improved. So yes, it will be a day saver.

3. Is there any need to charge these devices?

No. And that’s the beauty of it. You are getting all the glow and dots you want without any light source or battery.

4. Are fiber optic sights up for night duties?

I wouldn’t say that they are. For, when you see some fantastic devices out there in the form of tritium, you cannot consider a mediocre performance to be enough.

Final Words

Well, that’s all for our best night sights for Springfield XDM buying guide. The decision will be simple – buying the device that has compatibility, glow, durability, convenience, and most importantly, the perfect night sighting capability. And all of these reviewed products offer these.

What’s also helpful at such times is going through the online customers’ reviews. Yes, check out what they’ve experienced. That way, you know what you are gambling with. So, set your preferences, go through the highlighted features once again, and make a move. And whichever you choose, make sure that it offers the benefits you are buying the item for.

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