Best Night Vision Scope for Coyote Hunting

The 12 Best Night Vision Scope for Coyote Hunting in 2024

As hunters, we can never have too much ammunition or the latest binoculars and gears to make our trips a big success. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t check out tens of electronic coyote calls and decoys online or a pair of upscale hunting boots.

Among all the hunting kits and kaboodles, getting the best night vision scope for coyote hunting tops everything else.

A night-vision riflescope can help you scout, course, and hunt not only capricious coyotes but also larger wild games. Even if your luck isn’t favorable, you can at least see the night-time activities of wildlife upfront! Without further ado, let’s check out the twelve top-tier night vision rifle scopes we rounded up for you!

Benefits of Using Night Vision Scope

Night vision scopes are excellent sighting devices that can take your varmint hunting up a notch. They make the best use of reflected infrared light and show game movements in real-time.

Here you’ll find not only the rundown on entry-level to pro night vision scopes but also their upsides. Keep on reading to know more!

Wide Applications  

A night vision scope helps with not only coyote coursing but also playing paintballs, chasing wild games, or simply scouting deer in the hunting grounds. Latest rifle scope models incorporate automatic video-shooting activated by the recoil.

That’s not all; even some low to medium-budget scopes come with a Wi-Fi video streaming facility. You can also use them as night vision cameras for wildlife photography! 

Ensures a Perfect Aim!

Now, we don’t expect you to reach the levels of an army marksman overnight. But with the right scope, an accurate sighting-in, and a few shooting hacks, you can seriously improve your aim in a short time.

Digital rifle scopes can magnify your vision through the eyepiece and display the view on an LCD monitor. There’s no way that varmint can vanish again once you have a cool scope!

Best Night Vision Scope for Coyote Hunting – Our Top Picks

It took us a ton of research to list down and review these twelve exemplary night vision rifle scopes. However, putting them to a field test was the most fun. Keep on reading to find out how it went!  

1. ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Rifle Scope – Editor’s Choice

Hunting coyotes is fun for some, but to many of us, it’s a thrilling sport that we simply can’t wait to experience in the coming hunting season. When it comes to catching coyotes, an affordable night vision scope like the X-Sight 4K Pro by ATN Corporation is a must-have!

To begin with, its ballistic calculator makes it possible for you to shoot with flawless accuracy no matter what time of the day it is.

You can also record your trailing whereabouts and hunting videos with the press of a simple button. This rifle scope records directly to its SD card while giving you the option to stream it on your phone in HD quality!

That’s right; this ATN night vision rifle scope supports real-time Wi-Fi streaming so that you can watch a momentous chase in the wilds right on your iPad, Android phone, and gadgets alike.

What makes the X-Sight 4K Pro the best scope for coyote hunting at night is undoubtedly its premium 3864×2218 sensor resolution, an intuitive recording option, and of course, its intelligent ballistic calculator.

This calculator considers wind, humidity, temperature, target angle, range, and most importantly, multiple rifle profiles so that you get no less than the best!

Additionally, its High-Definition night vision mode is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It comes with a handy Recoil Activated Video (RAV) that automatically starts recording right before you fire.

Highlighted Features:

  • The Obsidian 4 Dual-Core processor helps zoom up to 120fps in clear, non-pixelating resolution
  • Recoil Activated Video allows automatic recording
  • An innovative ballistic calculator that supports a wide range of rifle profiles
  • Consumes low battery power for a continuous performance up to 18 hours and more
  • Supports Wi-Fi streaming on your Android and Apple devices

2. Night Owl Night Vision Scope

With a smart IR illuminator, a two hundred yard range, and a satisfying HD display, NightShot puts the sublimity back in your sports! 

It has a generous 200-yard range, which is more than enough for stalking small and large games and hunting in mountainous landscapes.

Similarly, its magnification quality is just as good at night as it is in broad daylight. Poor lighting conditions will no longer keep you from experiencing the thrills hunting can offer.

On the same note, its infrared illuminator performed better than we had expected from the NightShot Digital. It’s absolutely weatherproof and tackles the elements with impeccable durability. You have a choice of three reticle types to help with coyote tracking at night or day.

Compared to any mid-range infrared night vision scope on the market, NightShot Digital delivers an outstanding seven hours of power with the IR set on low. Naturally, it comes down to four hours when you drive the IR to high levels.

The best thing is that this night vision scope directly mounts to all 0.835-inch Weaver and Picatinny rails. Although, having a dovetail rail mount will require a simple adapter for turning it into a Picatinny.

This NightShot is compatible with all shotguns and rifles that have a 2″ to 2.5″ distance between the barrel and scope centerlines. Anything higher will need a 20MOA Picatinny riser.

Highlighted Features:

  • Suitable for all rifles below 30-caliber magnum, non-magnum bullets
  • Compatible with shotguns, crossbows, rifles, pellet guns, and paintballs
  • Lasts 7 hours and 4 hours on high and low infrared settings, respectively
  • A 200-yard range is ideal for forests, mountains, and similar obstructed landscapes at night

3. theOpticGuru ATN X-Sight 4k Pro Day Night Scope

Equipped with the robust Obsidian IV Dual Core processor, a boisterous ballistic calculator, and hassle-free configuration, ATN X-Sight 4K Pro makes coyote hunting easier for the newcomers.

Its UHD sensor provides top-notch magnification at night, zooming in the subject with incomparable clarity.

Moreover, its ballistic calculator provides you with accurate trajectory information so that you can hunt with better precision. Besides, it can help any hunter, newbie or professional, build a target intuition never to miss a shot! 

The best scope for night hunting coyotes is no other than the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro. This hunting gear is like a cheat sheet to reach the levels of experienced and seasoned hunters.

Additionally, it records everything from stalking to hunting games at 1080P FHD resolution. It also offers real-time video streaming on your devices via a Wi-Fi network!

Take the guesswork out of the game and hunt with style. Once you’re looped in on the riflescope know-hows, you’ll never want to hunt without your X-Sight 4K Pro again!

Highlighted Features:

  • A UHD sensor for tracking coyotes with premium clarity at night
  • The smart ballistic calculator is ideal for those who are new to hunting
  • This energy-saving scope can actively last for 18+ hours
  • The scope automatically senses the rifle recoiling and shoots videos

4. Bestsight DIY Digital Night Vision Scope

If you want to brush up your rusty hunting skills without any extra effort from your side, consider the Bestsight DIY digital rifle scope to be the key to your glory! Chase coyotes out in the wild and make one-shot kills with the sublime Sightmark Wraith riflescope!

This is a scope that works remarkably in both daylight and night-time. Its controls are easy to locate and adjust per your needs.

For example, the day/night switch, IR illuminance, camera control screw, screen brightness, zooming in and out are the commonly used buttons. All of them are placed neatly so that you can enjoy a truly wide field of view, clear wildlife images at their finest!

Bestsight DIY digital is the best coyote scope for many up and coming hunters who have a keen interest in photography. That explains why the scope includes user-friendly camera setups in its many features.

You get a Night Assisted Light that not only helps you tread smartly but also improves the photo and video rendition. 

A whopping 5-inch screen isn’t honestly what we expected in a budget scope. But only when we set it for a practice run did we realize that it’s just the thing we were missing all along! A big screen can dramatically improve your hunting performance if you’ve been struggling with your eyesight lately.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers a wide field of view and clear viewing via its 850NM infrared light
  • A 3MP 16mm aperture lens with 360° adjustable focus
  • The 5-inch screen allows easy brightness adjustment
  • Supports an effective distance up to 200 yards

5. Sightmark Wraith HD Digital Riflescope

When it comes to choosing your hunting equipment, listen to us and don’t settle for cheap gears. Selecting a suitable rifle scope is a no-brainer when you’ve known the Sightmark Wraith! With the classic day/night mode and HD recording all the way, this riflescope can do wonders!

To begin with, it supports up to 8x digital zooming for having a better look at faraway coyotes and tracking their movements. That’s not all; this exceptional device offers a 2x optical system that drives up the magnification up to 16 times your natural eyesight!

Since the primary function of a night vision scope is to help you stalk the game at night-time, Sightmark Wraith does that with extreme accuracy. This is one reason why we suggest this scope for the dedicated still hunters who need to be extra careful and quiet for their hunting style.

Still, hunting requires all your senses to be sharp so that you can analyze the terrains, sense nearby movements, and discern animal noises. That said, an overweight, fussy scope is the last thing you want to burden yourself with.

With Sightmark Wraith, a powerful scope with straightforward features, you can embrace the coming hunting season with open arms!

 Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal for hunting, tactical and military sports
  • Offers up to 16x magnification
  • Comes with an IR flashlight and a Picatinny mount
  • You can choose from 10 reticles in different colors for your eye comfort

6. Athlon Optics Argos BTR Riflescope

Be it a serious varmint hunting or a fun-filled paintball game, a high-quality FFP scope such as the Argos BTR is something you won’t regret bringing along! This is a slim yet sturdy device- mimicking the sleekness of a modern-day telescope.

It is the first FFP style rifle scope on our list, one of our all-time favorites for coyote hunting. An FFP reticle or first focal plane reticle is one that is etched onto the scope’s glass. It keeps the reticle visible on all power levels, whereas the performance dramatically drops with a digital, battery-powered rifle scope.

On top of that, the reticle will expand or shrink in sync with your zooming, which makes the whole process so much easier for you. Additionally, the scope’s multi-layered lenses work together for delivering accurate colors and brightness!

As for durability, this FFP scope is ergon-purged and constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum- a material with astonishing thermal stability and waterproofing!

Highlighted Features:

  • The reticle shrinks and expands according to the zooming effects for better target practice
  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Impeccable light transmission for rendering true color and brightness
  • Excellent thermal stability and a weatherproof design

7. Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II

Viper PST Gen II is an absolute treat for the long shooters- especially those who love long-range hunting. It features an ultra-low dispersion glass that improves its color fidelity and resolution.

As for the Viper PST Gen II, the reticle features ten intensity levels that ensure an optimum viewing experience for the hunters.

Apart from the magnification tuning ring and elevation adjustment knob, the scope also has illumination and parallax focus knobs. The parallax focus control is a must-have for long-range hunters since the problem usually arises when the range exceeds 200 yards.

Among all the high-quality night scopes for coyote hunting we reviewed so far, Viper’s parallax setting is by far the most accurate. Before we got into the details of this masterpiece, its matte black look and neat controls are the things that initially stopped us from scrolling down.

Enough about appearance and adjustments; the durability of this coyote night scope will put you in awe. Its Armotek coating protects the sensitive lenses from scratch, grease, and natural elements. Besides, its aircraft-grade aluminum makes the scope immune to light impact and extreme weather conditions.  

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy illumination, parallax, windage, magnification, and elevation adjustment knobs
  • A low-dispersion glass ensures higher color fidelity
  • Argon-purged and O-ring sealed construction makes it fog proof and waterproof
  • The fiber optic rotation marker keeps track of the turret position

8. Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Riflescope

Featuring an exquisite design, multi-coated lenses, versatile elevation, and windage, Bushnell presents you with a rifle scope that redefines your hunting!

First of all, it’s 12-inch tubular unibody is far more pleasing to your eyes than those DIY tactile scopes. Overall, its dry nitrogen-purged construction has incomparable water and fog-proofing quality.

For a lean scope, it sure goes the extra mile to deliver you up to 9x magnification. Its 40mm objective lens is equipped with a Dusk & Dawn Brightness coating. This feature helps the lens achieve optimum light transmission in unilluminated terrains.

Additionally, its Multi-X reticle options, ¼ MOA windage, and elevation-adjusting knobs make it such a smart buy.

Truth be told, we didn’t plan on including another FFP style rifle scope after the Athlon Optics Argos BTR and the Viper PST Gen II. While the two of them give each other quite a competition, Dusk & Dawn by Bushnell has something that tips the scales.

With a weight of only 0.81 pounds, Dusk & Dawn tops our other two night vision scopes for hunting in terms of comfort and maneuverability.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with shotguns, rifles, and muzzleloaders
  • Fog proof, shockproof, and waterproof construction
  • The Dusk & Dawn Brightness lenses deliver superior clarity in low light conditions
  • Offers up to 9x magnification

9. Megaorei DIY 720p Digital Night Vision Scope

While researching the best night vision scope under 1000, we came across the Megaorei DIY digital rifle scope. You can now record videos, take photos during a much-anticipated hunting trip, and share the thrills of night-time hunting with your friends.

For starters, this long-range riflescope is effective in not 200 but a whopping 400-yard range. Thanks to its infrared flashlight, which is totally invisible to the eyes of coyotes. Furthermore, a 360-degree, rotatable camera, and an eye-friendly camera tube are just what we needed for stalking varmints.

The 3MP 16mm lens captures clear images and clips, which you can readily view on its 4.3-inch screen. It displays the footage at a satisfying 720p resolution. As for the newest addition, a sunshade helps you see the screen better in sunlight.

Its main components are coated with silicone that prevents this delicate gear from getting damaged. Moreover, its patented dual-spring battery casing is all-out shockproof. It provides more recoil while being the most durable coyote hunting scope for the price.

Lastly, you would be happy to know that this Megaorei scope receives all 18650 batteries of 65mm and 70mm sizes. The patented compartment design makes it possible to fit multiple battery sizes.

Highlighted Features:

  • A 360-degree rotatable camera with 720P resolution
  • Comes with a 4.3-inch screen with a sunshade
  • Supports a long 400-yard range
  • Compatible with 18650 batteries of 65mm and 70mm sizes

10. RHYTHMARTS Night Vision Monocular Scope

As we’re nearing the end of our reviews, you have already seen enough top-tier SFP and FFP rifle scopes. But what if we told you that it only gets better? That’s right; RHYTHMARTS is here with a ground-breaking field of view, an 850NM IR zoomable cam, and finally, a 5-inch digital screen for the easiest operation!

While this monocular scope looks nothing extraordinary from the outside, it has a bunch of unique specs that make it a must-have for coyote hunters. Thanks to its premium infrared lighting, it is now possible to still-hunt coyotes and other wild games without the advantage of natural light.

The IR light is invisible to both the human and animal eyes, yet it renders crisp imaging of the terrains in front of you. You just need two 18650 batteries to light up the torch and stalk your game with better clarity.

Needless to say, its generous field of view is going to help both long-range and short-range shooting.

This night vision for coyote hunting includes a sturdy flashlight clip along with the flashlight. The HD camera captures beautiful wildlife images as you maneuver the hunting grounds.

You also get a 25mm mount and a 30mm mount to find the perfect scope fit for your rifles. Finally, the 5-inch screen has an intuitive layout that helps you keep up with its advanced controls.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a 25mm mount and a 30mm mount
  • High-Definition camera for capturing wildlife stills and clips
  • Includes an 850NM infrared flashlight
  • A 5-inch LCD screen

11. Steiner T5Xi Tactical Rifle Scope

Featuring a wide illumination area, holdover lines, windage controls, and 1/10 mill ranging brackets, Steiner T5Xi is a dedicated rifle scope for competitive shooting events!

A cutting-edge throw lever, an SCR reticle, and a second rotation indicator are the cherries on top for this already amazing rifle scope. Before the pricing knocks your socks off, you have to bear in mind that this is as good as a scope can get.

It incorporates the latest scope technology that not only drives up the magnification power but also keeps the image clear at all zoom levels. Who would have thought hunting coyotes was this easy, right?

We’re not done yet. Its innovative throw lever helps you bring easy changes to magnification. The second rotation indicator automatically changes the mil numbers after 120 clicks so that you can use the knobs with confidence.

Steiner T5Xi offers a large field of view. It allows you to decide your next move when the varmint changes direction. Additionally, it helps you take in a broader view to stalk wild games in new terrains.

Highlighted Features:

  • A wide illumination area for better target locking
  • The second rotation indicator changes the mil numbers after 120 clicks for ease of use
  • 1/10 mill ranging brackets for competitive shooting sports
  • Comes with a lens cover that protects it from dust and rain

12. NightForce NXS 5.5 22×56 Scope

This tactical riflescope by NightForce is going to be your holy grail for long-range shooting, stalking, and still-hunting!

By this time, we’ve already dug the deets on more riflescopes than we originally planned. And it’s all for you to find a rifle scope that helps with night hunting in challenging terrains. Keeping that in mind, we simply could not conclude our list without mentioning the NightForce scope.

This high-quality scope might not be easy on a beginner’s wallet but considering its durability, you can expect years and years of impeccable service from the NightForce. Its illuminated MOAR reticle is precisely visible no matter the available light and zooming effect.

Moreover,  its 56mm objective lens offers a much wider field of view so that you can have a spacious viewing area. As you look through the eyepiece, you can adjust the magnification from 5.5 to 22 times!

Now, although the Nightforce looks a lot like a first focal plane scope, it’s actually a second focal plane scope with fog proofing and waterproofing abilities. How cool is that?

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers 5.5 to 22x magnification
  • A fog-proof and waterproof SFP scope
  • Conforms to original minutes of angle (MOA)
  • A 56mm objective lens

Night Vision Scope Buying Guide

Night Vision Scope

The thrill of exploring the great outdoors rarely comes, considering our hectic daily engagements. So, the couple of times you do get the opportunity, you’d obviously want to make the most of your hunting trip. 

But very often, you have to cut it short because the sunlight recedes and darkness engulfs the grounds. Times like this call for the best night vision scope for coyote hunting! Here are the things you should check before buying a rifle scope.

HD Video Recording & Wi-Fi Streaming

Night-time can compromise your eyesight but not the brilliance of a rifle scope. The LCD screen on a scope can be your guide for stalking deer, coyotes, and big wild games alike. As a promising hunter, you definitely wish to record everything from the build-up to the final shot to watch it later.

Thanks to modern-age rifle scopes like the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro, you can stream real-time recordings on your nearby iOS and Android devices via Wi-Fi. It also includes a removable 64 GB SD card that saves your clips.

Top-tier digital scopes will have a Recoil-Activated video feature that senses your rifle recoiling and begins automatic recording.

Field of View & Infrared Technology

There’s no denying the fact that with the right gear, you have leverage on wild games than a hunter without them. Especially when it comes down to scopes, quality, material, and technology can tweak your hunting performance for the better or the worse.

It’s quite difficult to find the best night vision scope for the money, especially when you’re considering FFP scopes. Luckily enough, we found two budget-friendly rifle scopes that come with IR flashlights and are backed by a powerful battery performance.

We are talking about the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro and, of course, the popular Rhythmarts monocular scope. Both of these gears offer a wide-angle of view- allowing you to think through the terrains to make a one-shot kill.


While there are dedicated scopes for long-range and short-range shooting, it’s always advisable to start with a rifle scope that is effective within two hundred yards. Most digital rifle scopes cannot procure high-resolution images once the game is strolling beyond a hundred-yard radius from your rifle.

Megaorei DIY digital night scope features a 3MP 16mm lens and supports a whopping 400-yard range. Since long-range hunting is often troubled with the complexity of parallax, consider the Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II. It comes with a parallax adjustment knob for precise targeting.

Battery Performance & Ballistics

With a smart ballistic calculator that comes with the latest riflescope models, your days of fiddling with ballistic charts are officially over.

Take ATN X-Sight 4K Pro for an example. It weighs in temperature, MOA, firearm profile, humidity, and other aspects to determine a suitable angle and ballistics for long-range shooting.

Since most digital rifle scopes require two 18650 batteries, it’s wise to settle on a scope that offers an energy-efficient config. BestSight DIY digital, Night Owl NightShot are two brilliant scopes that use battery power efficiently.

And since we’re on the topic, do check out Megaorei DIY digital night vision scope. It has a dual-spring battery compartment that supports two types of 18650 batteries.

FFP vs SFP Rifle Scope

FFP rifle scopes are simple. They do not feature video recording nor night vision photography, and Wi-Fi streaming facilities. But what they have is something worth considering. For example, these first focal plane scopes have a reticle that condenses and expands with your magnification settings. 

On the other hand, the reticle size stays uniform on a second focal plane rifle scope. Whether you’re zooming in or zooming out, the size of the reticle will stay the same. Snipers use SFP because the reticle can be viewed with the best clarity.

Between the two, FFP is more expensive for its complicated crosshair placement. It’s also a great guide for beginners, whereas SFP is way better for long-range shooting.

Night Vision vs. Thermal Scopes

Night Vision vs Thermal Scope

Be it night-vision or thermal, a rifle scope is a must-have for those who indulge in the thrills of hunting. A night vision scope has light sensors, and it amplifies natural light to bring the dark grounds in a visible form.

On the contrary, a thermal scope senses the heat emitted from the games and procures an outline for you to fire.

That brings us to the question- are night vision scopes better than thermal scopes? Let’s find out!


The best thing about thermal scopes is that they do not require any light source to track games. It uses an infrared energy technology that picks up thermal radiation from animals. Thus, it helps you plan the navigation and prepare for shooting.

However, a night vision scope uses a simple process. First, it shoots infrared light, a light that is invisible to human and animal eyes. The infrared light bounces off the objects and returns to the sensors. This simulation is gathered up and converted to images that you can view on an LCD screen.


Some night vision scopes might be completely useless in broad daylight because of their distinct configuration.

For example, a night vision scope uses an infrared light intensification tube for ambient or external light sources. It’s a very sensitive sighting device. Some scopes have an easy day/night switch that counters the problem.

All thermal scopes are efficient in both lighting conditions simply because they have nothing to do with them. A thermal scope only follows the radiated heat from games. Its sensors are so sharp that once the game moves, it readily picks up the change of direction and shows it on the screen!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the field of view mean in night vision scopes?

Answer: Field of view is basically the area you can see through the scope’s eyepiece. The wider the field of view, the better you can track coyotes behind trees, rocks, and other obstructions. From there, you can make a clean shot.

2. How does a rifle scope improve hunting?

Answer: Riflescopes magnify the scenery in front of you so that you can take accurate long-range shots. Scopes feature a reticle that helps you target games with better precision. Night vision scopes use infrared lighting technology that renders clearly visible frames in real-time.

3. What is the average run time of a digital night vision scope?

Answer: What truly affects the battery performance of night vision scopes is their magnification, recording, wireless streaming, ballistic calculator, SFP reticle display, and so on.

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro can last more than 18 hours on a full charge. A high-performing one like the NightShot digital lasts up to 7 hours and 4 hours on high and low infrared settings.

4. Is an SFP night vision scope suitable for hunting?

Answer: The reticle on an SFP scope will not expand when you zoom in on the coyote, nor will it shrink when you zoom out to inspect the area. For seasoned hunters with experience, an SFP is a bit more desirable compared to FFP. It’s because an unchanged reticle helps with focusing and improves your long-range shots.

5. What does a ballistic calculator do for a rifle?

Answer: Some rifle scopes will feature a built-in ballistic calculator that provides important measurements. These measurements can give you a clear idea of the bullet’s trajectory.

Finally, considering the target range, weapon and bullet types, temperature, humidity, and angles, a ballistic calculator shows the mathematical probability of the bullet shooting the game.

Final Verdict

It took us a ton of research to list down and review these twelve exemplary night vision rifle scopes. However, putting them to a field test was the most fun. And that’s when ATN X-Sight 4K Pro proved what a masterful scope it is.

This scope offers the-best-in-class Obsidian 4 Dual-Core processor. It zooms the night vision camera from 5 to 20 times in clear, non-pixelating resolution. Wireless streaming, media recording, Recoil Activated Video shooting, and the customizable reticle were more than enough to have us sold.  

For adventure-loving, effervescent souls like us, ATN X-Sight 4K Pro is quite the game changer when it comes to coyote hunting. If you simply can’t wait out the night, get this best night vision scope for coyote hunting and push the boundaries of night and day!

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