Best Scope Mount For Savage Axis

4 Best Scope Mount For Savage Axis in 2023

One of the most popular hobbies in recent times is hunting; it not only is an exceptionally beneficial sport; it also helps you get some fresh air while also exercising in a fun and exciting way.

However, maintaining a hunting rifle is not a simple task as you will need a lot of different kinds of attachments to have a successful hunt.

Among the different attachments you will need for your hunting rifle, it’s pivotal that you get the best scope mount for savage axis out there as it will exponentially improve your accuracy while shooting.

It will also significantly increase your convenience and comfort, reducing the chances of minor injuries and having a fun experience.

  • Multi-Slot Options
  • Lightweight with Aluminum Construction
  • All Weaver Mount Rings Accepted
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  • Matte Black Finish
  • Bolt Pattern Construction
  • Fit with All Picatinny-style or Weaver-style Rings
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  • 20 MOA
  • Rugged Aluminum Design
  • Compatible with All Calibres of Rifles
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  • 0 MOA
  • Aluminum Design with Matte Black Finish
  • Durable and Lightweight
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Types of Rifle Mount Scopes

Depending on the region your hunting in, you will see variations in scope mounts. Currently, there are a plethora of rifle mount scopes out there; among them, the following are the most renowned ones.

  • One-Piece Mount

One of the most simplistic and minimal designs out there, this is one of the most popular rifle mount scopes for hunters. It sports an easy installation process and also will spare you from the strenuous process of aligning your scope to your weapon of choice.

  • Weaver Scope Mount

Claimed to be the original rifle mount scope by hunting veterans, it is one of the oldest versions out there before, which scoped were directly drilled into the weapons. The slots cut into the back of these units make it easy to set up scope rings, allowing them to accommodate large scope variations.

  • Dovetail Scope Mount

One of the most popular rifles mount scopes for military weapons; this unit is one of the most commonly used attachments among the more modern hunting rifles. Having this variation connected to your rifle will allow you to switch optics in an instant, allowing you to easily slide them on and off in a matter of seconds.

  • Scope Rings

Perhaps one of the most basic designs out there, this type of rifle mount scopes is the most popular option among veteran hunters. Although they are a bit more challenging to connect compared to others, they grant more customization options.

  • Picatinny Scope Mount

An evolution of the basic Weaver design, this product that was once explicitly made for the military has now become a favorite among hunters too. Probably one of the most versatile rifle mount scopes, it is usable on most kinds of hunting rifle models and is interchangeable too.

Our Best Scope Mount For Savage Axis Reviews

Below are 5 of the most top-notch scope mounts for savage axis currently available in stores. Keep on reading to learn more about these products, the advantages of using them and their drawbacks to find out which one will be most suitable for you.

1. Weaver Savage Axis Multi Slot Mounting Base – Editor’s Choice

Are you tired of straining out your eyes every time you go out hunting because the scope mount keeps ruining your line of vision? In that case, you will get a kick out of using this item as its unique multi-scope design won’t hamper your aim and provide relief for your eye too.

Considered to be the best scope mount for savage axis by many, the body and build materials of this product are awe-inspiring, and you will never feel the same comfort from any of its competitors after using it. The use of 6061-T6 aluminum has made the body of this product extremely light, while the rugged body prevents the scope from slipping.

Finding the ideal savage axis scope base can be very difficult as most such units are designed for other counterparts, and many hunters compromise with those items to this very day.

Thankfully, you won’t have to do so with this product as Weaver has specifically made this product for the savage axis, and it will dish out the efficient performance your hunter’s instinct so dearly craves.

Although this product is perhaps one of the ideal fits for the savage axis, it does have a glaring flaw that you need to be aware of in advance. The screws provided with this unit is of cheap quality and are difficult to use, and will require you to buy them separately for efficient operation.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multi-scope design to prevent eye strains
  • 6061-T6 aluminum for a lighter body
  • Specifically made for savage axis for stellar performance
  • Pre-drilled to easily attach scope mounts

2. Evolution Gun Works Savage Edge Axis Mount

One of the most prominent problems hunters face when using scope mounts for savage axis stems from their length, which can be too short and result in a rigid shooting.

You will never have to worry about this issue when using this product, as it covers the entirety of the rifle’s length and provides you with an excellent level of flexibility for mounting the scope ring.

Purists usually despise scope mounts for savage axis as most of them cannot accommodate the classic iron sights of the rifle and provide an uncomfortable experience in the rare cases they can.

However, this product is not like all those options as it does not pose an obstacle for iron sights, and you can use it without any sort of inconvenience whatsoever.

Another excellent quality of this product is how its body and its design are specifically made to blend into your rifle with ease and give you the highest comfort levels.

Evolution Gun Works made this product with a bolt-like pattern to support most rifle calibers, while the matte black finish prevents the product from looking like an absolute eyesore when in the jungle.

When it comes to inspecting this product for flaws, very few can be found worth mentioning. The only significant flaw with this rifle scope for the savage axis is that you will have to file its back edge to end up scratching or damaging your rifle and ruining its aesthetics.

Highlighted Features:

  • Covers the entire rifle length for supreme flexibility
  • Zero obstructions for iron sights for greater accuracy
  • Bolt pattern for conveniently adapting to most rifle calibers
  • Matte black finish for elevated aesthetics

3. MAGWEDGE Savage AXIS Scope Mount

One of the most major problems scope mounts for savage axis poses is that a lot of them tend to get thicker at the muzzle, which can cause recoil and hamper your accuracy. This product perfectly takes care of this problem as its thickness is on the rear, making it ideal for accommodating just about any scope.

Another great thing about using this product is its design, which a lot of manufacturers mess up by making it too smooth, which results in the rifle scopes not attaching properly and sliding off during use.

MAGWEDGE takes care of this problem by introducing a rugged design to this problem, ensuring a firm attachment to the scope.

Most scope mounts for the savage axis rely on the rifle’s caliber, which drastically limits its compatibility and cannot be attached to just about every rifle models. You will never have to face this problem when using this product as it canaccommodate all hunting rifles, given that they have a savage axis.

Even though this is a great product to have around and guarantees stellar service, it does have a significant problem, which stems from the attachments provided with it that are supposedly assistive in its installation.

The screws of this scope mount for the savage axis are too short and of low build, making it difficult to use and maintain.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rear thickness for heightened adaptability
  • Rugged design for a strong connection
  • Universality in terms of accommodation with hunting rifles
  • Black anodized finish for superior aesthetics

4. Outerimpact Savage A17 MAG Picatinny Scope Base

Most scopes for the savage axis can be very one-dimensional as they only work on weapons sporting a savage axis. On the other hand, you can use this item for a wider variety of weapons as it also works on magnum guns alongside rifles, which means it has more value than most of its competitors.

One purchase of this savage scope mount will ensure that you never have to head over to the outdoor shop for a replacement anytime soon due to its premium industrial components. Using a combination of Billet and Aluminum ensures that this product has excellent durability compared to its competitors.

To further contribute to this product’s sturdiness, Outer impact included an additional feature to this scope mount, ensuring that you won’t have to look for a replacement anytime soon. An extra coating if Type III anodized 68 Rockwell ensures that it doesn’t get rusty over time, ensuring its fantastic longevity.

Maximum scope mounts for the savage axis make the major mistake of being too light in weight and provide cheap quality attachments, making it incompatible with heavy weaponry.

You won’t have to worry about this problem as T-10 Torx screws are provided with this product, which means that it can easily fit the scope mount onto many heavy-duty weapons.

Highlighted Features:

  • Versatile to accommodate magnums alongside rifles
  • Billet and Aluminum combination for superior durability
  • Anodized Type III 68 Rockwell to resist rust
  • T-10 Torx screws provided for use on heavy weapons

What To Look Before Purchase Scope Mount for Savage Axis

savage axis scope base

With all the different varieties of the scope mount for savage axis out there, finding the item that can suit your requirements, the best can be a challenging task. However, if you lookout for the following things when buying this product, you will easily be able to select the one that suits your need appropriately.


The body of the rifle scope mounts for savage axis plays a very crucial role in determining whether they are up to the mark and can be used without the fear of it breaking down while on the hunt. It helps keep the scope of the rifle in check and prevents it from getting out of alignment too.

Among such products, the best savage axis scope base should have a body that has a rugged design with multiple incisions throughout the body. This feature will allow you to keep the scope in check with multiple customization options too.


It’s extremely important that you have a rifle scope mount that is sturdy enough to take a couple of bumps and stumbles while in the jungle. To make the most out of such a product, you need to have the right combination of build materials and item weight.

The most premium scope mounts use aluminum as the primary build material to ensure that it doesn’t damage or sustain dents easily. On the other hand, they are extremely light in weight so that you can operate them smoothly and not have them weigh down the rifle.


Many scope mounts tend to make the fatal mistake of not taking any safety measures in upkeep and results in having you go for replacements often. Therefore, it is vital that you select a product that has a special emphasis on its longevity to get more value out of it.

Among the more premium products, you will see that these scope mounts have a layer of anodized coating all over them. This feature prevents rusting and scratches and, therefore, substantially increasing its overall longevity.

How to Mount Scope on Savage Axis?

Most hunters are not aware of the proper method of mounting scopes onto the savage axis; these malpractices result in the rifle’s accuracy being significantly off.

For a smooth hunting experience and a simple installation process, go through the following steps, and you’ll be able to complete this procedure in a matter of minutes.

  • Get the Right Tools

Right off the bat, you need to make sure that you have the right components for a smooth installation. Not all rings, scopes, and mounts are suitable for a savage axis, and therefore you will need to find the ones that are compatible with it.

Once you have the necessary components, it’s important that you find the tools that will help you in the installation process. Tools like a gun cradle and degreasing agents are absolutely necessary for you to install the scope mount on the savage axis with supreme precision and ease.

  • Mount the Base on the Receiver

Begin by mounting the base on the receiver while putting special emphasis on the slots being in the right place. Then start applying the base screws and make sure that they are properly screwed into place with an appropriate amount of lube on it.

  • Use Torque Wrench

Apply torque onto the screws with the help of a torque wrench and tighten them with equal pressure to maintain balance. Now go ahead and start attaching the ring bottom to the lower part of the mount and ensure that they are in proper alignment.

Once the alignment is appropriately completed, run some eye relief examinations on the scope. Finally, align the crosshairs with the optics, and the installation process for the savage axis scope mount is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a savage axis compatible with a 110 stock?

A savage axis will not work on any of the 110 stock action configurations. Their magazine, screw spacing, and trigger arrangement are very different and will not be able to accommodate the axis.

2. Are scopes usable on savage rascals?

You can use scopes on a savage rascal with great efficiency. A simple mount of the optic with its base will allow you to do an easy installation, thanks to its unique dual rail sections.

3. What separates a Savage Axis from an Axis XP?

The difference between the savage axis and the axis XP can be found in its attachments. An axis XP typically comes with a scope of its own, whereas the generic savage axis has no attachments provided with it.

4. Is the trigger of a Savage Axis changeable?

Yes, you can quite conveniently replace the trigger of the savage axis. Simply lighten it first, shorten the spring and connect the trigger then for efficient use.

5. Does the Savage Axis XP feature an AccuTrigger?

One of the most attractive features of the Savage Axis XP is its AccuTrigger. Not only does it make the shooting more comfortable and convenient, but it also helps create a lot of precision shots.

Final Verdict

The savage axis in itself is a very decent hunting rifle, but it is completely normal to look for attachments that will boost your accuracy as a novice huntsman. Now that you’ve gone through our reviews, you now know exactly how to find the best scope mount for savage axis yourself.

All that’s left now is to head over to the wildlands and make the most out of open season. Hunting will no longer feel like a complicated task, and you will be able to shoot down elusive prey from great distances without having the recoil hurting your bones!

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