Best Weights For Pinewood Derby Car

Best Weights For Pinewood Derby Car in 2024

Cub scouts are pretty much a translation for “pinewood derby car racing” at this point. Everyone knows the excitement involved with building your own model racing car and then watch your efforts shine on the racecourse.

The experience is quadrupled in adrenaline when you have built the winning models with your kids.

The look on their eyes when they see their hard work result in fruitful outcome is a precious moment every parent looks forward to.

This is why you need to invest in the best weights for pinewood derby car so that you can help design the finest car with the oomph factor needed to earn that trophy your child deserves.

Keep reading this article to find out all you need to know about pinewood derby weights that will literally be the driving force needed for the win.

Best Weights For Pinewood Derby Car Reviews

1. Pinewood Pro Stick-on Flex Weights – Top Pick

The problem with circular or round pinewood derby car weight is that you have to drill additional holes to your cars which ultimately leave little for aesthetics.

However, with the Pinewood Pro Stick-on Flex Weights, you are exposed to a wide arrangement of possibilities.

The Pinewood Pro Stick-on Flex Weights is synonymous with “quick” and “easy”. Simply peel off the sticker at the back and adhere to wherever you desire on your derby model.

Made from a mixture of components that has the same density as steel, they are fully non-toxic, making them safe for handle even by children.

Perhaps the best feature is the fact that they can be cut into pieces by your everyday scissors. You can cut them into any shape you see fit for your model and stick it on to positions of your preference.

In fact, it can be painted on or even be drilled into allowing you maximum flexibility.

Its sensational functionality does not stop here. It has a strong 3M adhesive at the back which makes it latch on to the surface with superior grip.

Moreover, they can be peeled off and re-pasted should you think the placement needs to be adjusted. This can be done as many times as you wish.

Highlighted Features:

  • The strip does not require to be drilled on to the model.
  • It can be cut into pieces and be fixed on to desired positions.
  • It can be painted on for camouflaging and be drilled into if needed.
  • The strip can be stuck on and peeled off as many times as needed.

2. Rocket Box Tungsten Weights

If you are a strict derby car racing aficionado, the Rocket Box Tungsten Weights MUST be a part of your kit!

There are 5 ½ ounce tungsten weights along with 2 ¼ and ⅛ ounces of additional tungsten weights. This is the ideal set of pinewood derby weights that will get you the closest weight of 5 ounces as per the BSA guidelines.

Given the fact that they are made of tungsten, this automatically restores faith in safety since lead is known to be more toxic for kids and small pets.

People prefer the tungsten model far more than lead mechanisms because they are usually denser than lead. This allows you to pack more loads at the back of your car.

Sure, the tungsten adds a little more to the budget but the pros prevail over the cons associated with lead or zinc weights. In fact, they are a healthy investment.

The leftover weights can be stored for another pinewood derby competition or even be used to add weights to another derby car. This is absolutely your call.

Installation is just as easy as drilling an appropriately sized hole on to your derby car to fit the tungsten weight of your liking.

You can either choose to conceal the weights using some putty or create a design to fit the aesthetics of the weights. You can even give it a steampunk appearance if you like!

Highlighted Features:

  • The packaging it comes in is attractive and a good storage tube.
  • The weights are made of tungsten, meaning it is non-toxic and safe.
  • Varying shapes and sizes help to get to the accurate weight of 5 ounces.
  • Installation is done by drilling a ⅜ inch hole and inserting the weights.

3. Pinewood Pro Derby Tungsten Weights

If you have used Pinewood Pro Stick-on Flex Weights before and wished that they had the tungsten model as well, you are in luck.

The Pinewood Pro Tungsten Weights is a well thought out design by the same people who brought you the convenience of stick-on flexible weights for derby cars.

Built from the flesh of tungsten, this is a safeguard approach to construct a harmless experience for your kids.

Moreover, this packs a whopping 1.7 times more density than lead and 2.7 times more density than zinc. This allows you to use the weights in a more concentrated area without going overboard.

Similar to the Rocket Box Tungsten Weights, this too comes in varying shapes and sizes of pinewood derby car weights to allow you to fine-tune the weight on your car figurine.

Installation is just the same easy process as the Rocket Box but make sure to not drill too deep. Otherwise, you may disrupt its balance.

If you aren’t sure how to drill the holes for insertion, try asking a friend to lend you a hand.

Altogether, these are the best weights for pinewood derby car.Most experienced users have praised the Pinewood Pro Tungsten Weights.

Most of them had winning trophies to back up their positive reviews.

Highlighted Features:

  • The weights are smaller and denser than lead and zinc.
  • They can be packed well in a concentrated area.
  • Varying sizes allow you to fine-tune the weights for your car.
  • The material is kid-safe and harmless.

4. Pine Car Derby Round Weights

You are now quite familiar with the different types of weights to use for pinewood derby car, right?

You have your stick-on weights on one hand and cylinder weights on the other. There are round weights as well solely for adding weights in increments.

Pine Car Derby Round Weights does the job for you.

The package you get is 3 rods of pre-scored round weights that need to be cut off in increments according to the number of weights you need for your derby car.

This gives you the advantage to add weights little by little to meet the cut-off weight.

With other cylinder weights, you get weights in a certain shape and size that cannot be altered in any way. You may need a little more load but find yourself short of any fine-tune weights left.

This is why round weights are the perfect secret weapon to get as close to the specified weight.

Of course, this has its shortcomings as well. They need to be sawed off the scores and this is something some users do not prefer at all.

Others find them a little tedious but the results make it worth their while. Be sure to sand the edges to avoid any sharp edges.

Highlighted Features:

  • They are round in shape and can be used as incremental weights.
  • The round pieces come stacked in pre-scored rods.
  • The scores make it easy to saw and sand for effective use.
  • They are made from a zinc alloy that can be painted over if need be.

5. Pinewood Pete Tungsten Weights

The Pinewood Pete Tungsten Weights set is a pure work of science. It is a foolproof design that aims to guarantee you the first place every time you enter the competition.

In fact, it even shows you the winning derby car design that will possibly roll you to victory.

It contains the building instruction of the Apollo 2000 pine car, a full 20-page guideline that shows you the exact measurements along which you will have to cut each piece for the derby car model.

Along with that, you get the weights that will provide you the extra boost for speed.In this set, you will receive 8 weights, 5 of which are 0.50 ounces and 3 are of 0.25 ounces.

The detailed instruction manual shows exactly where to drill the holes for your weights so that you get the maximum kinetic energy to drive off to the finish line.

The design will get you about 4.8 ounces with optimal balance and center of gravity. You can add the final 0.2 ounces on the big day using the scales used by officials.

This pinewood derby weights tungsten set is non-toxic and comes with 99.95% purity. Being denser than lead, the weights can add significant load without being too bulky.

Highlighted Features:

  • The set comes with a design of a car model.
  • Detailed and illustrated instructions to build the car.
  • The blueprints show exactly where to put the weights.
  • The set contains 8 different tungsten weights.
  • The tungsten is 1.7 times denser than lead.

6. Woodland Scenics Pine Car Derby Stick On Weights

Just like the Pinewood Pro, the Pine Car Stick-on Weights are pretty much the same with some key differences.

The package comes with 2 oz. pinewood derby stick on weights. However, you do not need to cut these strips into pieces. They are designed in a way that grants you the pliability that you can break these apart with your hands.

If you want the ideal pinewood derby car kits precut, this set is just what you need. There is a mixture of large and smaller sections of stick-on weights.

Thus, you can alternate between bigger and petite portions to get just the right amount of weight for your derby cars to roll off the tracks.

They have enough clearance so that it does not snag on the track. You might think that it may get stuck on the bottom of the track but that’s hardly the case.

However, an underlying issue is the fact that even though the packaging says “lead-free” some users have raised the suspicion of its presence.

Lead can be quite toxic especially for the young ones.

However, you can easily combat the difficulties by painting over them to reduce, if not eliminate, these implications. You can easily remove them once you’re done using them for competitions.

Highlighted Features:

  • The strip precut in small and large portions to be used in alternation.
  • Each of the portions do not need scissors, rather can be broken by hands.
  • The weights can be painted over multiple times to eliminate lead implications.
  • They provide enough clearance so that the car does not hitch on the track.

7. PineCar Tungsten Incremental Cylinder Weights

You have seen both their round and stick-on weights. If you like Pine Car and prefer cylinder tungsten weights, you will find a good use for the Pine Car Cylindrical Tungsten Weights.

These weights are pretty straightforward in their application and have very basic features.They are your standard cylindrical tungsten weights for pinewood derby cars that come in varying sizes.

The package has a combined weight of 5 ounces. You get 5 large cylindrical weights along with two medium ones and 2 button ones.

The smallest of the set can be used to add weight on the day of the race after being measured with an official scale. They do not exactly have the polished look the other cylindrical tungsten weights have.

While that don’t make them attractive enough to be part of the pinewood derby car design, they are adept at being incremental weights.

These weights will surely help you get as close as possible to the 5-ounce mark.

Because you get more weights compared to other sets, this permits you the chance to add them to other derby cars you are working on. You can even use them for a better model next year.

They fit a little loosely when placed on the drilled holes. However, that’s something epoxy or strong adhesives can fix.

Highlighted Features:

  • The set includes 5 large cylinder tungsten weights not found in other sets.
  • It has 2 medium-sized ones and 2 button weights for fine-tuning.
  • They have a basic appearance that can be painted over if desired.
  • They can be strongly affixed on to your pinewood derby car with an adhesive.

8. Pinewood Power Cylindrical Tungsten Weights

Pinewood derby car racing has been a tradition for many years and is beyond a hobby or a leisurely activity. Many consider it a serious sport.

That is why, to cater to pinewood derby car devotees, Pinewood Power Cylindrical Tungsten Weights has come up with a complete kit required to build your perfect pinewood model.

The box set includes all your cylindrical tungsten weights and a genius surprise. You get your standard four 0.50 ounce weights, three 0.50 ounce weights, two 0.125 ounce incremental weights.

Along with them comes the powerhouse tungsten putty. The putty is the secret weapon that will give you the winning edge.

The tungsten is an exalted work of technology that you can break off with your hands in the tiniest of pieces to add to your pinewood derby car to aptly balance out any differences.

You get a full 1 ounce of the material to be used in alternation to your liking. The putty itself and the incremental weight help you balance the car with ease. The weights are 3/8 inches in diameter, equivalent to the standard size of drill bits.

These cylindrical shape weights can be inserted to the wooden base of the car to give the whole model an aesthetic look.

Each material in the set is made with pure dedication to build the perfect experience involving pinewood derby racing cars.

Pinewood Power makes it their point to see through any shortcomings and make their products as foolproof and easy-to-handle as possible for it to be widely accessible to all users.

Highlighted Features:

  • There are 3 oz. of cylindrical tungsten weights and 1 oz. of tungsten putty.
  • The weights can be easily installed by drilling a ⅜ inch hole.
  • The tungsten putty can be broken apart with your hands with ease.
  • The putty can be used to balance out any oddities in weight.

9. Red Dirt Derby Tungsten Weights

Just like the Pine Car Cylindrical Tungsten Weights, the Red Dirt Derby Tungsten Weights come in a set of 5 as well. However, there are some major variations in sizes that offer 3 oz. of weight altogether.

You will get five ½ oz. weights, one ¼ oz., and another pair of ⅛ oz. weights.The fact that it offers only one of ¼ oz. weight is a bit of a disappointment for some.

But if you know the tricks to use them in clever modifications, you will find that this is a versatile set.

Although it is not necessarily as flashy as the Pinewood Power or Pinewood Pro, it does its job right.

Installation is a breeze. You do not need to hammer down the weights to fit the ⅜ inch drill holes at all. They will slip into them rather snugly.

However, if you worry that one of the weights might plop out during motion, you can glue them down in place using a strong adhesive like super glue.

Keep in mind that if you can reuse them of you want, but it might have a direct impact on your derby model if you try to extract the glued down tungsten weights from their designated placements.

Highlighted Features:

  • The set contains five ½ oz. weights, one ¼ oz., one ⅛ oz. weights.
  • They don’t need to be hammered down into the drilled holes.
  • The variation in sizes allows you enough room for experimentation.
  • The smaller weights can help you get as close as possible to the specified weight.

10. BBTO Cylindrical Tungsten Weights

The BBTO Cylindrical Tungsten Weights has by far the most widespread variation in sizes to aid you in tackling the weight difference down to the last decimal.

This set contains four different weight options. It has five ½ oz., three ¼ oz., two ⅛ oz., and two 1/16 oz. of weights guaranteed to solve all your derby weight dilemmas.

You have so much modification opened up to you, you can fiddle with the different weights and work out the best group of weights in the ideal placements that will give you the boost to win the race.

The addition of the 1/16 oz. weights perhaps is somewhat of a genius move because they can handle weight differences by a hair.

These weights are all ⅜ inches in diameter, thus installation is extremely candid.

The BBTO Cylindrical Tungsten Weights are nontoxic. Also, the non-sharp edges make them safe to handle for children.

These weights compatible with any shape of pinewood derby car models. With the availability of such a wide array of tungsten weight shapes, you can use them in every diverse arrangement possible.

Highlighted Features:

  • The set contains 12 different pieces of tungsten weights.
  • The package contains weights of different heights and weights for variation.
  • They have a sleek steel-grey appearance that can be made part of the design.
  • They can be made hidden by paint-over, sanding, or covering with wood filler.

11. Pinewood Gear Tungsten Weights

The Pinewood Gear Tungsten Weights instantly wooed us for its packaging aesthetics. We knew we had to try them out just because the storage container is so neat. They are reusable so the possibilities of its utilization are, in one word, huge.

The actual product is a set of 10 tungsten weights of distinct sizes. You get five large tungsten weights, 3 smaller ones and a pair of watch battery sized ones.

You can pair up different combinations of the weights to build the perfectly balanced speed booster needed to zoom through the tracks.

Just like any standard cylindrical tungsten weights, you can plant the pellet sized weights using a drill to punch in ⅜ inches of holes.

The weights have a very shiny and steely guise. Hence, you can easily make them part of your pinewood derby decor. You can even make them look like big exhaust pipes sticking out the back.

People who have used them before had only positive things to say about its capabilities. The added half a car length makes all the difference you need to be on the winning edge.

Highlighted Features:

  • The packaging it comes in is very convenient and aesthetically pleasing.
  • The storage container is reusable and can be used for later.
  • Different sizes allow you to balance the final weight appropriately.
  • This adds about half a car length which might result in the winning position.

12. Ruisita Cylindrical Tungsten Weights

Like the Pinewood Gear Tungsten Weights, the Ruisita Cylindrical Tungsten Weights come in the same size variations but in a 9-piece set.

Neatly encased in a clear snap-lid box, these weights will provide the potential energy needed to carry your race car to the finish line.

You get five ½ ounce, two ¼ ounce, and two ⅛ ounces with the package. At the first glance, it looks like this is a kind of set that you can get just about anywhere.

So, what’s different about this product?

Right off the bat, this packageis extremely pocket friendly.

Secondly, you get a very handy storage container that you can use for other storing purposes when it is not occupied.

You can use the weights for the competition next year if you wish. Chances are you might have a few leftovers so you can utilize the rest for a different design.

The edges of each weight bullet is smooth and contains no chemical deterrents. Together, they make a safe tool package that kids can handle without any worries.

The 3/8-inches diameter of the cylinders makes the installing a breeze.

Of course, you can paint over them if you choose. Painting over them should not be too complicated and you can go over them with as many coats as you wish.

Furthermore, you can bolt down the weights in position using some hot glue for added stability.

Highlighted Features:

  • An affordable set of tungsten weights.
  • Each weight is constructed from impurity-free materials.
  • They come in a convenient clear storage case.
  • The case can be used for storage when not accommodating the weights.

Things To Consider Before Buying Pinewood Derby Car Weights

pinewood derby car weight

Number Of Weights

Keep in mind that the rule book asks you to maintain an overall weight of five ounces. That is the pinewood block design along with the weights.

If you have a thicker block wood design, you want to use less weights. A slimmer model requires more weights for more potential energy.

You want to allocate about 2-3.5 ounces of weights to your design.

It is advisable that before you drill holes into your pinewood derby car design only to discover later that you’ve drilled in the wrong places, use stick-on weights or tungsten putty to test out where the center of gravity is the most favorable.

Tungsten, Lead Or Zinc

Tungsten made weights are the best pinewood derby car weights for many reasons. For starters, tungsten is extremely safe and kid-friendly.

Lead and zinc contain a lot of impurities that are incredibly toxic. Too much exposure to lead can lead to severe health implications, especially for children.

Furthermore, tungsten is about 1.7 times denser than lead and about 3 times denser than zinc. They pack in a lot of weight in a very compact surface area.

Thus they can be used at the far end of the pinewood derby block and yet take up very little space.

Stick-On Vs. Cylindrical Weights

Pinewood derby stick on weights are pliable and can be cut into pieces to fit your exact need. You can cut them into small portions or in different shapes to get the exact weight or even use them to cover the distances.

However, sticking then underneath the pinewood derby cars can hamper clearance.

Cylindrical weights, on the other hand, are ideal for use when you want to tackle less than 1-ounce weight differences.

You can either use them in combination with other weights or use the entire set to get as close to the 5-ounce specifications as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Pinewood Derby faqs

1. What Weight Material Should I Use For Pinewood Derby Cars?

You can use zinc, lead, or tungsten weights. However, tungsten is the safest in terms of toxicity. It is also a far more sensible option since it packs in a lot of weight in a small space. Thus, this leaves you room to move the weights as far to the back away as possible.

2. Where Should The Holes For The Weights Be Ideally Drilled?

Ideally, you should drill holes at the very back of the pinewood derby car. This gives you an even weight distribution. However, you can drill and install them on the side of the car or even underneath it, depending on the make of the car.

3. Do Weights Need To Be Screwed In?

Usually, you wouldn’t require to bolt down the weights in any way. Standard cylindrical tungsten weights usually have a diameter of ⅜ inches. You can drill holes of the same size and you’ll find that they slip in rather snugly.

However, you can use some hot glue to keep them cemented in their positions for added stability.

4. Does A Heavier Pinewood Derby Car Run Faster?

According to physics, the larger the mass, the greater the acceleration. However, you need to maintain an overall 5-ounce weight limit for cub scout pinewood derby car.

Heavier block designs require fewer weights on them while smaller designs need more weights. You need to do trial and error to find the balance that will ultimately give you the edge.

Do you want to make a fast derby car? Check our step by step guide!

5. Is It Best To Add All The Weights That Come In The Set?

Maybe using all the weights that come in the set you have purchased will work out for you. However, not all pinewood derby cars are designed the same way.

You’ll find that sometimes the right balance is produced by a combination of larger and smaller weights. You will need to play with them all to find the balance.

Final Words

Pinewood derby car racing has been a part of a tradition for many years. Its history is enriched with a lot of culture and honestly, this is a great bonding experience to have with your children. Add to that the memories of actually bagging a trophy in the process, you’ll have the greatest stories to reminisce.

You now have all the details you need to know to own the best weights for pinewood derby cars. Don’t be afraid to play around with the different choices to discover what works most for you.

Good luck on the race! Thanks from SportsManNote.

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