Board Game Storage Ideas

6 Smart Board Game Storage Ideas You’ll Love

So you have a large collection of board games? Then you may have an idea about constantly losing pieces.

Well, you are not alone!

Improper storing is one of the reasons why some pieces are lost. Sometimes we don’t even bother keeping the board game set in a proper place after playing.

As a result, you may end up playing with replacement pieces the next time your friends come over for a game night. That will ruin the essence of the game. One way to resolve this issue is to store them properly. In this article, we’ll share board game storage ideas by smart and stylish ways!

How to Store Board games – 6 Stylish Ways

1. Storing Vertically In Shelves

how to store board games vertically

One of the best ways to store your board games is to stack them vertically on a shelf. Storing them this way saves space, and makes accessing them very easy.

Staking them vertically comes with additional advantages. For instance, you will be able to fit more games onto your shelf, as they are concentrated into a small area.

If you have a large collection of board games, it would be best if you dedicate an entire shelf just for storing the games. Vertically stacking the also makes it easy to find the games you want to play since almost all the board games will be visible to you.

It also helps you organize games depending on their categories. You can bunch up all the RPG games in one section of the shelf, and keep other sections in designated areas. For modern day board games, stacking them vertically is a great solution.

As most modern board game packages are ‘square’ or ‘rectangle’ in shape, they will easily fit on your shelf. Unlike closets, shelves are much shorter so you don’t have to worry about using a stepladder to access the games.

2. Hideaway Drawers

Hideaway Drawers

Not a big fan of keeping board games on shelves? Don’t worry, this might just be that alternative you need. If you have a good collection of board games that you don’t want to play anytime soon, you can keep them in hideaway drawers.

This is perfect as a long term storage solution. Keeping unused board games in a garage or a vacant area will save you much needed space for other stuff. Stacking your board games into your drawer will keep them out of sight. This will make your home feel less cluttered.

If you have large cabinet furniture, you can store them there. Modern day furniture such as TV tables and benchtops have plenty of space where you can easily stack your board games.

3. Pot Lid Rack

Apart from dishes, a pot lid rack can be used to store board games as well. This is great for the games that come in long boxes. Games such as monopoly or clue can be used to store in lit racks due to the shape of the boxes.

Some games can be tough to store on shelves or hideaway drawers. The boxes make it hard for them to store as they simply won’t fit there. Pot lid racks are a creative solution and get the work done.

You can place the games vertically, or at an angle. They might not be as compact as keeping games on shelves or drawers, but for awkwardly shaped boxes, this can be a great solution.

4. Carrying Case

If you don’t have a big collection of games, then you might consider getting a carrying case. Oftentimes, you will find yourself taking your board game to game nights. In that case, a Carrying bag will be ideal for that situation.

There are various types of carrying cases available on the market. Some are purpose-built for carrying large board games. There are also bags that have useful features like additional compartments and water-resistant.

A great carrying case allows you to store a good amount of board games. Apart from traveling, the bags are great for long term storage. It will also keep the games safe when not in use and keep all your games in one place.

5. BoxThrone Shelves

One of the coolest things about modern day board games is their box artwork. They are amazing to look at. BoxThrone shelving can be used to store your board games and make the artwork visible.

BoxThrone shelves are made to store board games. They can be easily customized and hold a large collection of games. Another advantage of BoxThrone shelves is that they are very compact. Almost no space is wasted when you store your games.

The thing that makes BoxThrone shelves unique compared to a regular bookshelf, is that they are modular. You can easily add or remove the frames if required. With the feature, the BoxThrone shelf is ideal for any number of board games you have.

These display shelves are also great for keeping your games from getting damaged. They come with a range of accessories that lets you display the best games you own. The self can also be used to keep awkward shaped game boxes.

6. Using Plastic Containers

board game into a plastic container

You can transfer the contents of the board game into a plastic container and get rid of the box completely. Some board game boxes are too big and storing them in plastic containers will save a lot of space.

If you wish to use a clear container, you can use a visual printout of the game and tape it on one side of the container. You can also use a marker to write the name of the game on the box. Keeping the components of the game separately is also a good solution.

You can store the board on a shelf and the components in a small plastic container or a Ziploc bag. They are much sturdier than the average box and will protect the components from wearing out.

Final Words

There you have it. The solutions mentioned in this article are the best ways on how to store board game collection smartly. If you love playing board games, then you need to take good care of them.

Since the packages are made using cardboard, they may wear out over time if not placed properly. You need to make sure they are well organized so that you and your friends can enjoy them for a long time.

We hope you find the perfect place to store your board games. What matters more than storing and organizing, is the gameplay.

After all, having quality time with your friends by playing board games is what it is all about. So go ahead, find your board game storage ideas and have fun!

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