How To Find A D&D Group

How to Find a D&D Group: Offline & Online

So you are a brand new player who has just discovered the game. You find the concept of the game incredibly exciting and can’t wait to play it. But there’s one problem though.

Who are you going to play with?

In order to play the dnd game, you need to find the perfect group of people. But How to find a d&d group?

Finding the right people to play with can be daunting at first.  So to avoid that, we present some great tips to help you get started with Dungeon and Dragons.

Let’s begin!

How to Find a D&D Group Near You

D&D Group Near You

Ask the People You Know

At its heart, dungeons and dragons is a social game. The best way to play the game is with your friends. This is probably the best way to start playing D&D.

Talk to your friends, co-workers, family members. You never know who might be interested in playing the game.

If you know people who might be interested to play the game, but can’t think of a way to make a group, try becoming a Dungeon master.

This will help get groups of players to play with.

Get a Starter Set

D&D might look overwhelming to newcomers at first glance. This can be the reason some people may not play the game. The starters set is much more appealing to new players.

The official starter set consists of a set of dice, characters that are premade, an instruction booklet, and the basic game that takes players up to level 5.

The starter set is very easy to understand, and it is affordable. If you want to introduce new players to the game, then the starter set will make them interested in joining D&D.

Try the Local Gaming Store

There are a lot of tabletop game stores. Most of them reside in cities. In some local board game stores, you may find a bulletin board where DMs frequently pin flyers. 

They usually look for players or look for groups interested in playing D&D.

If you visit any board game store, it is worth telling the staff if they host any D&D games. There are also many tabletop game stores that frequent D&D adventure league nights.

If you are in an event, don’t be afraid to ask fellow board gamers to play a game of D&D.

Also, if your college, library, or coffee shops have local listing boards, you can place your listing. You may also find adverts for local D&D events.

D&D Adventurers League

If meeting up with strangers is not what you prefer, you can look into the weekly D&D nights that are hosted by board game stores that are associated with the official D&D Adventurers League.

The games in adventure league are generally played in multiple sessions, and for different levels of D&D experience.

Do be a part of the adventures league, you have to get in contact with the game store staff first. After that, you will have to sign up to learn more.

Search For Conventions

Conventions are a great way to find D&D groups. You can connect with new gamers through conventions and learn about other tabletop games as well.

By using the Wizard’s Convention finder, you can get news of upcoming gaming conventions and schedules.

Wizard Convention finder

These events offer a great way to play D&D. You will most likely meet new and seasoned D&D players and share your D&D experiences.

Also, the people you meet there may lead you to join a new group. This way, you can play together in the future.

How to Find a D&D Group Online

How to Find a D&D Group Online


If you don’t have much luck finding a D&D group offline, then you can always try online social media websites. Facebook is an excellent way to find local players.

Just search for Dungeons & Dragons on Facebook and you will find many groups to join.

You will find groups from all over the world, but you can narrow down your search by selecting your location.

Another way to find players is to look for events instead of groups. There is always a possibility of local board game stores advertising game nights through Facebook. 

Also, you can put the word out and let people know that you are looking for people to play with.


Meetup is an online service that is designed to bring online groups together. Meetup allows people with similar interests to host in-person events.

The service isn’t just made for simple tabletop RPGs. Meetup has an incredible D&D presence as well. The service is very easy to use.

Every section is categorized by topic so it easy to find what you are looking for. Simply create an account, and then search for a D&D group that is interested in playing near your location.

D&D Forums

There are many D&D forums online. The D&D Beyond forums are a great way to search for groups interested in playing the game.

The forum has new players who are looking for groups to play with every day. To get involved, you need a free D&D Beyond form and Discord.

Finding people who play the game online can help you discover or make new groups. You can host a party and play at an event later on.

Playing Online

There are many ways to play D&D online. Even though it is not the best solution, playing a board game online eliminates the core social feel.

However, there are players whose circumstances make it difficult to physically join a D&D group session.

There are positives to playing D&D online. You can find people playing from any part of the globe. Online gaming requires a virtual tabletop app.

The best app for online D&D is Roll20. Through this online platform, you can easily search for players looking for a game of D&D.

Final Word

One of the biggest issues for players is finding groups to play with. If you don’t know how to find a D&D group, the process can be draining and frustrating.

The tips we mentioned in this article will help you find a D&D group in no time. We always recommend finding an offline group, as that will help you socialize in real world. You can always try to invoke interest of your friends and family.

However, if you don’t find an offline group to play the game with, or don’t prefer that option, you can always try playing the game online.

Whichever way you feel comfortable with, the options are there for you. We hope you enjoyed this article. Have fun with your new D&D friends!

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